Metropolis Music
240 Newark Avenue,
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(tel) 201 222 8441
(fax)201 222 8341

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About Metropolis

Wall of FameMetropolis Music opened its doors in 2002 and quickly established itself as the place to go for instruments, accessories and lessons, as well as all types of instrument repair.  Metropolis also employs a top-notch team of instructors in our on-site lesson studios and virtually.

Our store hours are:
Monday-Friday - 10am-8pm
Saturday - 10am-4pm
Sunday - 11am-5pm

Owner Mark Dalzell began in the music business in 1994 and has bought, sold and fixed just about every instrument and brand there is. Starting at the age of 15, he began building violins and violas in his basement in Ottawa, Ontario, and is always looking for new challenges in instrument design and construction.The Destroyer 

Mark has built everything from period medieval/renaissance instruments to state of the art digital and MIDI capable violins and guitars, although he is currently best known for The Destroyer, an experimental guitar/mandolin/theremin instrument built for the 2007 Jersey City Artist’s Studio Tour.

Mark has a Bachelor’s of Music in Viola from the University of Delaware with a focus in music education. He has studied and performed on everything from 15th century instruments such as vielle, cittern and shawm to Indonesian gamelan instruments, to experimental electric violins, digital trumpets, and just about every instrument in a symphony orchestra.